How to use our free blog widget in BB2 SiteBuilder

Third or Extra Column

As you may be aware, I used to use and recommend forum member Robin Green's free blog widget for displaying the content of an RSS feed file on a web page. However, Robin is no longer a SiteSell customer, and unfortunately his widget is not now available on his website.

So I decided to produce my own free blog widget, making it more versatile and easier to install than Robin's. You can see the result in action in the third column of the home page on each of my two sites at Build a Website and

Of course, both of those sites are uploaded, but it's very easy to install the widget in any column of a page built with BB2 by interpreting my instructions in the context of the SiteBuilder. However, if you're logged in as an SBI! owner you'll find extra hints and tips for installation that are not available to our other visitors.

Don't worry, though, if you're not logged in, because I'll provide the same hints and tips on this page too.

To the right you'll see the result of using the code exactly as supplied with minimal customisation - just the RSS feed file name - to place the widget in the third or extra column.

Click here to see the blog widget installed in the central content column.

If you look at my instructions you'll see that it's a simple three-step process:

  • Customise the widget using the form provided.
  • Copy and paste the generated code to the recommended locations.
  • Build the page.

There are also three pieces of code:

  • CSS stylesheet entries
  • Page <head> code
  • Blog widget code

The CSS stylesheet entries should be added to your stylesheet file. You can do this easily by using the Add Custom CSS button in the Site Designer. In the SiteBuilder add the page <head> code to your page by clicking the Head button and placing the code in the This Page Only section.

I placed the blog widget code itself in a Raw HTML block in the third or extra column where I wanted it to be displayed.

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